HCC implementation of SPARSE subroutines contains a set of basic linear algebra subroutines used for handling sparse matrices designed to be called from C and C++

The following are the sub-routines that are implemented:

  • csrmv : Sparse Matrix – Dense Vector multiply (SpM-dV)
  • csrmm : Sparse Matrix – Dense Matrix multiply (SpM-dM)
  • Conjugate-gradients: Iterative conjugate gradient solver (CG)
  • Biconjugate-gradients-stabilized: Iterative biconjugate gradient stabilized solver (BiCGStab)
  • HcSparse-dense2csr : Dense to CSR conversions
  • HcSparse-coo2csr : COO to CSR conversions
  • Mm-reader: Functions to read matrix market files in COO or CSR format


hcSPARSE has been ported with HCC Compiler with the HC C++  dialect and can be built to run on:

  • Radeon Open Compute Kernel Driver
  • Runtime on Fiji based hardware

You can get it from the Bitbucket link below or from the Bitbucket logo located in the top right of this window.