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Testing AMD FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening at the command line

AMD FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) is the first of our FidelityFX effects we published and the most popular one so far. It has been successfully integrated into many games. 

It comes as a source file that turns into a GLSL or HLSL code, so it can work with Vulkan®, Direct3D® 12, or even the older Direct3D® 11. We also offer it already integrated with Unreal Engine 4

But would the effect play nicely with the specific graphical style of your game? We are sure it will… but to find that out yourself, you no longer need to involve your programmers. We have just published a small tool that lets you test AMD FidelityFX CAS on a screenshot from your game or any other image.

CasCmdLine is a simple, command-line Windows® program, now included in the effect repository, in binary and source form.

The usage is very simple. If you have a screenshot from your game saved as an image file in PNG, JPG, or BMP format, just open Windows® Terminal (Command Prompt) and launch the program with parameters specifying the name of the source file to read and the target file to write.

For example:

That’s all! You can now see how our Contrast Adaptive Sharpening algorithm would affect your game by comparing the two images.

Of course, AMD FidelityFX CAS can not only do sharpening, but also optionally upscale the resolution in a single pass. You can test this feature by specifying additional options at the beginning of the command line.

There are more features that the tool supports. To learn about them, and for more detailed instructions on how to use the tool, see our CasCmdLine tutorial.

If you are a developer, you may also want to look at the source code. The tool, just like all our FidelityFX effects, is open source, based on a permissive MIT license. The source is a short Visual Studio® project written in C++. It may also serve as an example of AMD FidelityFX CAS integration.

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