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Browse this collection of AMD and partner technical conference presentations and learn more about VR, D3D12, LiquidVR™, heterogeneous computing, shaders, TressFX, gaming, rendering, video editing, GCN architecture and other developer tools and technologies. To browse recent conference materials, please visit

IWOCL, Vienna Austria, April 19 – 21, 2016

clSPARSE: A Vendor-Optimized Open Source Sparse BLAS Library Joseph Greathouse, Kent Knox, Kiran Varaganti and Mayank Daga (AMD) and Jakub Poła (University of Wrocław and Vratis, Ltd.) clSPARSE is a high-performance open source sparse BLAS library developed by AMD and Vratis, Ltd. This presentation discusses the benefits of clSPARSE and the algorithms it contains.

GDC 2016, San Francisco, CA, March 14-18

Session Presentation Speakers
Practical DirectX 12 – Programming Model and Hardware Capabilities Gareth Thomas (AMD), Alex Dunn (NVIDIA)
Vulkan Fast Paths Graham Sellers (AMD), Timothy Lottes (AMD), Matthaeus Chajdas (AMD)
Let Your Game Shine – Optimizing DirectX 12 and Vulkan Performance with AMD CodeXL Doron Ofek (AMD)
Right on Queue: Advanced DirectX 12 Programming Stephan Hodes (AMD), Dave Oldcorn (AMD), Dan Baker (Oxide)
D3D12 & Vulkan: Lessons Learned Matthaeus Chajdas (AMD)
Advanced Techniques and Optimization of HDR Color Pipelines Timothy Lottes (AMD)
LiquidVR™ Today and Tomorrow Guennadi Riguer (AMD)
Multiplatform GPU Ray-Tracing Solutions With FireRender and FireRays Takahiro Harada (AMD), Dmitry Kozlov (AMD)
GPUOpen – Unlocking Game Development with Open Source Nicolas Thibieroz (AMD), Jason Stewart (AMD), Dmitry Kozlov (AMD), Doron Ofek (AMD), Jean-Normand Bucci (Eidos Montreal) + others

GDC Europe 2015, Cologne, Germany, August 3-4

DX12 & Vulkan: Dawn of a New Generation of Graphics APIs, Stephan Hodes, AMD

GDC15, San Francisco, CA, March 2015

Getting the Best out of D3D12, by Dave Oldcorn, Software Engineering Fellow, AMD; Evan Hart, Principal Engineer, NVIDIA Visual Effects in Star Citizen, by Alistair Brown, Director of Graphics Programming, Cloud Imperium Advancements In Tiled Rendering, by Gareth Thomas, Developer Technology Engineer, AMD Low Latency and Stutter-Free Rendering in VR and Graphics Applications, Layla Mah, Lead Architect, VR & Advanced Rendering, AMD ruby-gcn-architecture-performance Optimizing Games for Graphics Core Next Architecture using AMD Graphics Tools, by Gordon Selley and Sigal Algranaty, Software Development Engineers, AMD Augmented Hair in Deus Ex Universe Projects – TressFX 3.0, by Jason Stewart, Software Engineer, AMD and Uriel Doyon, 3D Programmer, Eidos-Montréal D3D12 A new meaning for efficiency and performance, by Dave Oldcorn, Software Engineering Fellow, AMD; Stephan Hodes, Developer Technology Engineer, AMD; Max McMullen, Principal Development Lead, Microsoft; Dan Baker, Graphics Architect, Oxide Games

Embedded World Conference, Nuremberg, Germany, February 2015

Heterogeneous Computing for an Internet of Things World, Keynote, by Scott Aylor, Corporate Vice President & GM, AMD Embedded Solutions Accelerating Computer Vision and Image Processing via Heterogeneous Compute…Transparently, by Raghunath Rao, Ph.D. and Harris Gasparakis, Ph.D. Evolution of Multimedia & Display, by Mazen Salloum