ATI Radeon™ 9700 Real-Time Legacy Demos


These demos all require Microsoft® DirectX®9.0 and Catalyst® 3.XDisplay Drivers in order to run.Movies (non real-time), if available, generated from screen grabs of the demos are also available in mpg format:
Animusic A real-time version of “Pipe Dream” from Animusic’s DVD entited ANIMUSIC – A Computer Animation Video Album.
EXE: MPG: 45.3MB 3hrs 54min @ 28.8K 34MB 2hr 45min @ 28.8K
Technology: Direct®X9
Car DirectX 9 pixel shaders are used to simulate the light reflection and refraction of 2 tone car paint.
EXE:MPG: 28.1MB 2hr 25min @ 28.8K 10MB 48min @ 28.8K
Technology: Direct®X9
Bear A realistic demonstration of fur-rendering in a typical application. This demo shows a number of techniques for rendering fur not seen before.
EXE:MPG: 25.2MB 2hrs 10min @ 28.8K 1.4MB 7min @ 28.8K
Technology: Direct®X9
Rendering With Natural Light A real-time implementation of Paul Debevec’s 1998 Siggraph paper.
EXE:MPG: 16.8MB 1hr 26min @ 28.8K15MB 1hr 13min @ 28.8K
Technology: Direct®X9
Non Photorealistic Rendering This demo showcases Non Photorealistic Rendering using DX9 pixel shader techniques which simulate the effect of a hand drawn image. The techniques used in this demo were the subject of a technical sketch at Siggraph 2002.EXE: 6.1MBTechnology: Direct®X 9
Dogs An animated version of the ATI Radeon™ 9700 logo, this screensaver accurately reproduces the brushed metal and other shaders used in the original.EXE: 8.1MBTechnology: Direct®X 9
Bacteria Inspired by a recent cover on Scientific American, this screensaver simulates the appearance of bacteria when viewed through a microscope. Image post processing using pixel shaders is used to simulate camera depth-of-field, adding to the realism of the images.EXE: 9.2MBTechnology: Direct®X 9
Moebius This familiar image has been brought up to date in this animated 3D screensaver. Seven animated ants march endlessly around a moebius strip.EXE: 5.9MBTechnology: Direct®X 9