ATI Radeon™ 9800 Real-Time Legacy Demos


These demos all require Microsoft® DirectX®9.0 and Catalyst® 3.1 or higherDisplay Drivers in order to run.Movies (non real-time), if available, generated from screen grabs of the demos are also available in MPEG format.
  Chimp Demo This demo showcases the use of 3D fur rendering technology in a complex environment. Extensive use of DirectX 9 pixel and vertex shaders is used throughout this demo to render fur, water, shadows and iridescent lighting effects.
EXE:MPG: 53.2MB4hrs 35min @ 28.8K11.1MB 55min @ 28.8K
Technology: DirectX®9


Lava Caves This screensaver simulates an imaginary journey through underground lava caves. DirectX 9.0 pixel shaders are used to provide a realistic heat haze effect.
EXE:MPG: 15.2MB11.1MB
Technology: DirectX®9
Gargoyle Clock Incorporating the Radeon™ 9800 logo, this screensaver accurately reproduces the brushed metal and other shaders used in the original. An animated clock, derived from the system time, is displayed behind the gargoyle figure.
EXE: 10.7MB
Technology: DirectX®9