ATI Radeon™ X1800 Real-Time Legacy Demos


The ATI Radeon™ X1800 is exceptional not just for how it works, but what it can produce. See demos and action-packed samples of what the Radeon X1800 can achieve.These video clips are taken from our most recent product demos which all run in real-time on the Radeon X1800.Radeon X1K Family Video Demos
The Assassin Ruby’s latest adventure places our heroine in a large complex environment and uses high dynamic range lighting and dynamic soft shadows to set the mood. The villain of the piece, a cyborg called Cyn, is our most complex character to date, consisting of over 120,000 polygons – all lit, transformed, rendered and shaded using the power of the Radeon® X1800.
EXE: 131MB 11hrs 17min @ 28.8K
Video: View Length 2:24 MPG 320 x 240 Download – 18MB FULL HD 1280×720 Download (ZIP) – 70MB
iPod Video: MOV 47min @ 28.8K , 9.1MB
ToyShop Toyshop demonstrates what is possible through the power of Radeon® X1800 graphics. This detailed environment includes complex rain and water effects, physical simulation on the GPU, detailed brickwork and cobblestones and a realistic dynamic lighting environment – all of which are designed to showcase the power of ATI’s SM3.0 graphics .
EXE: 114MB 9hrs 50min @ 28.8K
Video: View Length 2:24 MPG 320 x 240 Download (23MB) FULL HD 1280×720 Downloads (ZIP) (91MB)
iPod Video: MOV – 52min @ 28.8K, 10MB
Parthenon This demo – based on the Siggraph 2004 work by Paul Debevec ( – consists of over 15 million polygons, derived from a real-world laser capture of the actual Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Image based lighting techniques and a novel LOD algorithm are used to render this dataset in real-time on the Radeon® X1800 graphics processor.
Video: View – Length 2:02 MPG 320 x 240 Download (20MB) FULL HD 1024×768 Download (ZIP) (68MB)
iPod Video: MOV – 52min @ 28.8K , 10MB