libFLAME is a portable library for dense matrix computations, providing much of the functionality present in LAPACK. In fact, libflame includes a compatibility layer, FLAPACK, which includes a complete LAPACK implementation.

libFLAME is a high performance dense linear algebra library that is the result of the FLAME methodology for systematically developing dense linear algebra libraries. The FLAME methodology is radically different from the LINPACK/LAPACK approach that dates back to the 1970s.

Key Features

libFLAME offers:

  • A solution based on fundamental computer science
  • Object-based abstractions and API
  • A complete dense linear algebra framework
  • High performance
  • Dependency-aware multithreaded parallelism
  • Support for hierarchical storage-by-blocks
  • Independence from Fortran and LAPACK

To learn more, such as how to clone the code or to read further documentation, visit the project using our GitHub link in the upper right corner.