LLDB Debugger


The HSA LLDB provides an LLDB-based debugging environment for debugging both the host application and GPU kernels running on AMD HSA hardware. The roadmap for the project is to transition to a future standardized multi-vendor HSA debugging API, when it is released publicly. Kernels can be debugged if they are developed with the LLVM open-source compilers that emit DWARF debugging information in the BRIG output.

Key Features

  • HSAIL or OpenCL C kernel debugging
  • Source-level single-stepping
  • Can be integrated with other LLVM projects
  • Kernel entry and kernel source line breakpoints
  • Ability to read HSAIL registers, kernel arguments and OpenCL C variables

The repository contains:

  • LLDB source code, with HSA features added
  • HSA debug agent component for LLDB (the plan is to integrate this with the gdb debug agent for HSA)


For source code, documentation, examples, build instructions, and more information, please go to the project GitHub pages via the links found above right or below.

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