Computer simulations of a wide variety of science and engineering problems require modeling hydrodynamics, which describes the motion of materials relative to each other when subject to forces. Many important simulation problems of interest to DOE involve complex multi-material systems that undergo large deformations. LULESH is a highly simplified application, hard-coded to only solve a simple Sedov blast problem with analytic answers – but represents the numerical algorithms, data motion, and programming style typical in scientific C or C++ based applications

This port of LULESH has been ported with OpenCL 1.2 and the  HCC Compiler with the C++ AMP dialect which support

  • OpenCL 1.2 version can be built to run on FirePro W9100 and S9150
  • C++ AMP version can be built to run on
    • FirePro W9100 and S9150 via OpenCL 1.2 runtime with SPIR 1.2
    • Radeon Open Compute Kernel Driver and Runtime on Fiji based hardware.

You can get both ports in the LULESH directories on GitHub linked bellow.