ROCm GDB and GPU Debug SDK


The ROCm GDB provides a gdb-based debugging environment for debugging host application and GPU kernels running on Radeon Open Compute platforms (ROCm).  It can support all language runtimes (such as HIP and HCC) built on top of ROCm. Initially, the debugging support within the GPU kernels starts with the HSAIL 1.0 programming language.  This support requires a kernel compilation path that goes through HSAIL (such as through HCC-HSAIL or libHSAIL/HSAILAsm).

There are two packages included in this release:

  • ROCm gdb package that contains the rocm-gdb tool
    • based on GDB 7.8, the GNU source-level debugger
  • ROCm GPU Debug SDK package that contains the necessary header, library and sample files to run the rocm-gdb tool

Key Features

  • Seamless host application and GPU kernel source debugging using a familiar gdb-based debugging environment on ROCm
  • Set GPU kernel breakpoints, single stepping and inspect registers within HSAIL intermediate language
  • View active GPU states (active work-groups, work-items and wavefronts information)
  • Disassemble GPU kernel at GPU kernel function and source breakpoint
  • Trace GPU kernel launches into an output file


For source code, documentation, examples, build instructions, and more information, please go to the project GitHub project pages: