SNAP SN (Discrete Ordinates) Application Proxy is a proxy application to model the performance of a modern discrete ordinates neutral particle transport application. SNAP may be considered an update to Sweep3D, intended for hybrid computing architectures. It is modeled off the Los Alamos National Laboratory code PARTISN. PARTISN solves the linear Boltzmann transport equation (TE), a governing equation for determining the number of neutral particles (e.g., neutrons and gamma rays) in a multi-dimensional phase space.

SNAP has been ported with the  HCC Compiler with the C++ AMP dialect which support

  • C++ AMP version can be built to run on
    • FirePro W9100 and S9150 via OpenCL 1.2 runtime with SPIR 1.2
    • Radeon Open Compute Kernel Driver and Runtime on Fiji based hardware.

You can get SNAP at the GitHub linked bellow.