Drivers, SDKs and Libraries, Effects, Tools

The Game Engineering team at AMD works closely with game developers worldwide to help them create their incredible games, making sure everything is fast and looks terrific on AMD CPUs and GPUs. Our work touches all parts of how a game interacts with the system in order to create their immersive, interactive worlds. Everything from the high-level game code all the way down to the compilers generating the machine instructions executing on CPU and GPU.

Our job is to make sure developers have all the hands-on help from us that they need in order to ship their titles, and also to provide them with best-in-class documentation, tooling and other self-serve support resources that help them develop and optimise everything, usually right here on GPUOpen.

If the above sounds appealing as something you’d love to do too then great, because we’re hiring!

Graphics Performance Engineer

We’re on the lookout for someone who has a talent for making things faster, working on a brand new team whose remit is to research and develop new and novel ways to drive our GPU microarchitecture in the most efficients ways possible. You’d be working to discover the bleeding edge of possible performance on Radeon GPUs, working at all points in the stack.

That role needs the person to be located in Orlando, Boxboro or Santa Clara, so you can be close to our key architects and design engineers for both hardware and software for our GPUs. You’ll work closely with members of all of the graphics engineer teams, helping to make games run as quickly as possible on our designs both now and especially in the future.

Job spec + apply!

Developer Technology Engineers – Worldwide

We are growing the established Game Engineering teams that help game developers. New job openings are available in both North America and Europe. The engineers in those teams work closely with game developers to optimise performance for our discrete Radeon GPUs, our latest processors that fuse both Ryzen and Vega together on the same chip, and our latest Ryzen-based processors.