Drivers, SDKs and Libraries

The RapidFire SDK provides an interface for cloud gaming and virtualization applications to reduce the encoding latency by utilizing AMD FirePro™ GPUs. OpenGL® 4.2, DirectX® 9 and DirectX® 11 textures as well as screen capturing can be used as input to generate an H.264 or uncompressed stream output. While the encoding is handled entirely by RapidFire, the developer keeps full control over the configuration of the stream with the ability to adjust key encoding parameters such as resolution, frame rate and bit rate control throughout the streaming process.


  • AMD FirePro™ GCN-based GPU
  • AMD FirePro™ Driver Release 16.30 and later
  • Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, or Windows® 10
  • Building the SDK and samples requires Visual Studio® 2012, Visual Studio® 2013 or Visual Studio® 2015
  • Building the SDK requires the AMD APP SDK

Getting Started

  • A Visual Studio® solution for the samples can be found in the Samples directory.
  • Additional documentation can be found in the doc directory.


Using RapidFire for Virtual Desktop and Cloud Gaming