Vulkan OoORasterization

Drivers, SDKs and Libraries


The Vulkan™ out-of-order rasterization sample shows how to use the out-of-order rasterization extension. It’s built on top of the Anvil framework, which simplifies the development of Vulkan applications. On GCN GPUs supporting the extension, you can toggle between relaxed and strict rasterization orders by pressing the space key. The background color will also change to indicate a mode switch.

System requirements

  • AMD Radeon™ GCN-based GPU (HD 7000 series or newer)
    • Or other Vulkan™ compatible discrete GPU
  • Windows® 7 (SP1 with the Platform Update), Windows® 8.1, or Windows® 10
    • Or Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Visual Studio® 2013 or Visual Studio® 2015
    • Or on Linux, anything supported by CMake that has a proper C++11 compiler
  • Graphics driver with Vulkan support
    • For example, AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.5.2 or later
  • The Vulkan SDK must be installed

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