The OnDisplayGammaChanged method is called by ADLX when the display gamma changes.


adlx_bool    OnDisplayGammaChanged (IADLXDisplayGammaChangedEvent * pDisplayGammaChangedEvent)


  1. [in] pDisplayGammaChangedEvent IADLXDisplayGammaChangedEvent* The pointer to the event.

Return Value 

If the application requires ADLX to continue notifying the next listener, true must be returned.

If the application requires ADLX to stop notifying the next listener, false must be returned.


Once the application registers to the notifications with AddDisplayGammaEventListener , ADLX will call this method until the application unregisters from the notifications with RemoveDisplayGammaEventListener .

The method should return quickly to not block the execution path in ADLX. If the method requires a long processing of the event notification, the application must hold onto a reference to the gamma change event with Acquire and make it available on an asynchronous thread and return immediately. When the asynchronous thread is done processing it must discard the gamma change event with Release .



include “IDisplays.h”

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