Demonstrates how to obtain the display information when programming with ADLX to perform related tests.

Sample Path




# Copyright (c) 2021 - 2022 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. All rights reserved.

import ADLXPybind as ADLX

# Iterate display and display event:plug and unplug the display
def displayDemo():
    # Get ADLXHelp and ADLX initialization
    adlxHelper = ADLX.ADLXHelper()
    ret = adlxHelper.Initialize()

    if(ret == ADLX.ADLX_RESULT.ADLX_OK):
        # Get system services
        system = adlxHelper.GetSystemServices()

        # Get display services
        displayService = system.GetDisplaysServices()

        # Iterate through the display list
        count = displayService.GetNumberOfDisplays()
        print("display count: {}".format(count))
        disList = displayService.GetDisplays()
        for index, display in enumerate(disList):
            name = display.name()
            type = display.type()
            connectType = display.connectType()
            mid = display.ManufacturerID()
            edid = display.EDID()
            h,v = display.resolution()
            refreshRate = display.RefreshRate()
            pclock = display.PixelClock()
            scanType = display.ScanType()
            id = display.UniqueId()
            print("\nThe display [{}]:".format(index))
            print("\tName: {}".format(name))
            print("\tType: {}".format(type))
            print("\tConnector type: {}".format(connectType))
            print("\tManufacturer id: {}".format(mid))
            print("\tEDID: {}".format(edid))
            print("\tResolution:  h: {}  v: {}".format(h,v))
            print("\tRefresh rate: {}".format(refreshRate))
            print("\tPixel clock: {}".format(pclock))
            print("\tScan type: {}".format(scanType))
            print("\tUnique id: {}".format(id))
            # Release display interface
            del display
        # Release displayList interface
        del disList

        # Release displayService interface
        del displayService

    # Terminate ADLX
    ret = adlxHelper.Terminate()
    print("ADLX Terminate ret is: {}".format(ret))