What’s new in the FidelityFX SDK 1.0?

Welcome to the FidelityFX SDK. This inaugural version of the SDK features updated versions of all previously released FidelityFX samples ported to our new easy to use SDK format. Alongside those updated samples, we are pleased to announce the release of 3 new effects in the FidelityFX family.

New effects

FidelityFX Depth-of-Field

The first release of a highly optimized, high-quality depth-of-field (DoF) effect which offers a familiar, artist-friendly, camera-based interface. This effect is capable of producing popular cinematic lens effects, such as bokeh.

FidelityFX Blur

While not an effect in its own right, this release of FFX SDK includes a library of common bluring operations which can either be used in isolation, or integrated into other shaders. Includes a specialized Gauassian blur at multiple kernel sizes.

FidelityFX Lens

Lens is another library of common operations, combining some of the most widely used lens effects such as chromatic aberration, film grain, and vignette into a single pass highly optimized effect.

Updated effects

All other effects in this release have had their code updated with our latest optimizations and fixes, and have been ported to our new backing graphics framework.

Updated documentation

With the introduction of the new FidelityFX SDK, all documentation for the constituent effects and samples has been refreshed and is available as easy to read Markdown.

This change allows for a higher quality experience when exploring and reading the documentation, but also for suggested changes to be more easily submitted to our GitHub repository.

Deprecated effects


Deprecated components

FidelityFX Cauldron Framework 1.x is now deprecated and has been replaced with a re-architected Cauldron 2, which now lives directly in the SDK under the framework folder.