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New Tutorial – Unified Radeon™ GPU Profiler and Radeon™ Memory Visualizer usage with Radeon™ Developer Panel 2.1

We explain how to take advantage of the functionality in Radeon™ Developer Panel v2.1 onwards, which unifies the Radeon™ Memory Visualizer and Radeon™ GPU Profiler functionality from earlier versions to provide a unified workflow.

Radeon™ Memory Visualizer

Radeon™ Memory Visualizer (RMV) is a tool to allow you to gain a deep understanding of how your application uses memory for graphics resources.


Radeon™ GPU Profiler

RGP gives you unprecedented, in-depth access to a GPU. Easily analyze graphics, async compute usage, event timing, pipeline stalls, barriers, bottlenecks, and other performance inefficiencies.

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