Curing Amnesia and Other GPU Maladies With AMD Developer Tools

Gordon Selley, Senior Manager, Developer Tools, Chris Hesik, PMTS Software Development Engineer, and Amit Ben-Moshe, SMTS Software Development Engineer
Let’s build… 2020

Meet the newest tool in AMD’s Radeon™ tool suite – the Radeon™ Memory Visualizer. Historically, understanding in detail how GPU memory is being used in your game has been a challenge. It has been difficult to answer questions about memory allocations, resource bindings, page mappings, memory residency, heap over-subscription, memory leaks and more.

In this presentation AMD will introduce the Radeon™ Memory Visualizer, a new tool designed to help answer these questions. We will show through a live demo how this tool can be used to identify and solve common memory issues in your title. We will also provide updates on the other tools in AMD’s Radeon™ tool suite – Radeon™ GPU Profiler and Radeon™ GPU Analyzer, both of which have had recent significant enhancements.

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