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Gears 5: High-Gear Visuals on Multiple Platforms

We’re delighted to share with you this video created in conjunction with The Coalition.

Bringing the Gears franchise to the PC is not something the Coalition takes lightly. The PC cannot be a port. It has to be something that meets or exceeds the level of the console products to ensure the fans get the same great experience from the game no matter how they want to play.

This talk will discuss Direct3D® 12 in general, as well as some of the features that were leveraged to accomplish this goal, such as Async Compute, Tiled Resources, Debugging, Copy Queues, and HDR.

| LET'S BUILD... 2020

May 2020 – GPUOpen’s first virtual event. And it’s not going anywhere!

AMD engineers share six brand new video presentations covering topics such as optimizations, our developer tools, effects, and so much more. 

Every one of the six videos listed goes into the high level of detail you would expect from us, and will leave you with the knowledge to make your game or high performance graphics application even better. 

Videos will open in a new window. Not sure which one to watch first? Find out more with the red button!

Full Video Information
Full Video Information

Capsaicin and Cream Developer Talks @ GDC 2017

Shortly after our Capsaicin and Cream event at GDC 2017 where we unveiled Radeon RX Vega, we hosted a developer-focused event designed to bring together the tight-knit community of graphics programmers attending GDC.

The focus of the event was knowledge sharing and discussion on the future of real-time graphics, preceded by a handful of great presentations from invited friends to get everyone in the mood.

There are direct links to the videos below, or to find out more, follow the link to the event:



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