AMD FidelityFX LPM provides an open source library to easily integrate HDR, and wide gamut tone and gamut mapping into your game.


  • DirectX®12.
  • Vulkan®.

Download the latest version - v1.2

This release adds the following features:

  • Windowed mode HDR10 support for DirectX®12 through DXGI API. 
  • Custom LPM config setup for each scene and test pattern in sample as starting points for developers.
  • Bug fix for HDR10_2084 mode when not using LPM tonemapper in Vulkan®.
  • Also exposed LPM config in UI through #define LPM_CONFIG in code.


High dynamic range (HDR)

Highly optimized

Open source, MIT license


AMD FidelityFX LPM is highly configurable, allowing you to tweak the numerous parameters to create the look you require.

As seen in Godfall

"At Counterplay, we wanted Godfall to be the next generation of game that everyone has been waiting for. We aimed for the highest visual fidelity and unique art sensibility. With AMD’s FidelityFX LPM technology, it catapulted our vision beyond expectations.

During the production of Godfall, we continuously fine-tuned the art visuals. We understood our limitations with the current technology, which required everyone to spend an ungodly amount of time to find clever workarounds.  Ultimately, we achieved a style that we were mostly happy with, but something was still lacking. We had to take a step back; we needed to figure out why.

Everything looked last gen. The metals were not shiny enough. The armor pieces, the fires, the magical effects, the backgrounds all appeared muted and uninteresting. With little hope and time left to tinker, we thought we had to live with these deficiencies. When AMD approached us with FidelityFX LPM, we were amazed at the potential. Together, AMD and Counterplay worked feverishly to integrate this technology. Not only did FidelityFX LPM bring back the colors and vibrancy we envisioned, but it also helped solidify our goal. The players will now see shiny objects with great detail, bright environments without being overblown, and contrast without muddiness. Above all else, the biggest surprise was the HDR enhancements – the game is beautiful."

Version history

  • Vulkan® support.
  • Initial release

Learn more about HDR and FreeSync

Useful links

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