AMD FidelityFX Depth of Field

AMD FidelityFX™ Depth of Field is an AMD RDNA™-optimized implementation of physically correct camera-based depth of field.


  • DirectX®12
  • Vulkan®

Download the latest version v1.0:

This release adds the following features:

  • Just released!

Part of the AMD FidelityFX™ SDK

AMD FidelityFX SDK components


State-of-the-art algorithm


Smart shader selection (SM 6.6+ when present)

Open source, MIT license

Easy to integrate

Cross platform


AMD FidelityFX DoF features the following:

  • AMD FidelityFX DoF sample code
  • Native DirectX12 and Vulkan SDK backend implementation libraries
  • Easy-to-integrate effect components for all effects
  • Custom Cauldron-based SDK backend implementation example
  • Re-architected graphics framework

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FidelityFX DoF off FidelityFX DoF on

Additional resources

FidelityFX Testimonials

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Requires GCN-class GPUs and above.

Version history

  • Initial release

All part of the FidelityFX SDK!

AMD FidelityFX SDK

AMD FidelityFX SDK

The AMD FidelityFX SDK is our easy-to-integrate solution for developers looking to include FidelityFX features into their games.

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