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The AMD GPU Services (AGS) should be your first port of call when working with AMD GPUs.

It provides software developers with the ability to query AMD GPU software and hardware state information that is not normally available through standard operating systems or graphics APIs.

AGS includes support for shader extensions, shader compiler controls, querying graphics driver version information, GPU architecture characteristics, and Eyefinity (AMD’s multi-display rendering technology) configuration.

Looking to improve your memory management? 

Our battle-tested, open source memory allocation libraries for DirectX®12 and Vulkan® make allocating memory a piece of cake.

AMD Render Pipeline Shaders (RPS) SDK

The Render Pipeline Shaders (RPS) SDK provides a framework for graphics engines to use Render Graphs with explicit APIs (e.g. DirectX® 12 or Vulkan®), with a generally optimal resource barrier and memory aliasing scheduler.

Its compiler-like architecture is designed to be both controllable and extensible.

AMD Radeon ProRender Developer Suite

Fast. Easy. Incredible. The Radeon™ ProRender Suite enables easy development of high quality rendering applications.

AMD Radeon ML

Radeon™ Machine Learning (Radeon™ ML or RML) is an AMD SDK for high-performance deep learning inference on GPUs. 

AMD Orochi

Orochi enables a single library to use multiple backends at runtime.

The Orochi library loads HIP and CUDA® APIs dynamically, allowing you to switch between them at runtime.

AMD HIP Ray Tracing

Make it easier to write ray tracing applications in HIP!

Our HIP Ray Tracing library and API are designed to be simple to use and easy to integrate into any existing HIP applications.

AMD Brotli-G SDK

Brotli-G is an open-source compression/decompression standard for digital assets (based on Brotli) that is compatible with GPU hardware.

AMD Compressonator

Compressonator is a set of tools to allow artists and developers to more easily work with compressed assets and easily visualize the quality impact of various compression technologies.  

AMD GPU Performance API

The GPU Performance API (GPUPerfAPI, or GPA) provides access to GPU Performance Counters. It can help analyze the performance and execution characteristics of applications using a Radeon™ GPU. 

AMD Advanced Media Framework

AMF is a light-weight, portable multimedia framework that abstracts away most of the platform and API-specific details.

It allows for easy implementation of multimedia applications using a variety of technologies, such as DirectX® 11, OpenGL®, and OpenCL® and facilitates an efficient interop between them.


ADLX is a modern library and SDK designed to access features and functionality of AMD systems in the categories of Display, 3D graphics, Performance Monitoring, GPU Tuning, and more.

The ADLX SDK is targeted primarily at developers and partners who are creating control and monitor applications.


LiquidVR™ provides a DirectX® 11 based interface for applications to get access to VR-focused GPU features.

True Audio Next (TAN)

AMD TrueAudio Next is an SDK for GPU accelerated and multi-core high-performance audio signal processing.

Reporting an issue

If you think you’ve found an issue with on our SDKs please report it on the GitHub issue tracker for that project.

Alternatively you can reach out to us via @GPUOpen on Twitter.

You can find more SDKs on AMD Developer Central