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Our handy product blogs will help you make good use of our tools, SDKs, and effects, as well as sharing the latest features with new releases.

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Browse our developer guides, and find valuable advice on developing with AMD hardware, ray tracing, Vulkan, DirectX, UE4, and lots more.

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Words not enough? How about pictures? How about moving pictures? We have some amazing videos to share with you!

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Browse all our useful samples. Perfect for when you’re needing to get started, want to integrate one of our libraries, and much more.

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If slide decks are what you’re after, you’ll find 100+ of our finest presentations here. Plus there’s a handy list of our product manuals!

The home of great performance and optimization advice for AMD RDNA™ 2 GPUs, AMD Ryzen™ CPUs, and so much more.

Since we launched GPUOpen back in 2016, we’ve had a steady flow of guest posts from, or in collaboration with, a variety of games developers.

Discover our Vulkan blog posts, presentations, samples, and more. Find out how we can help you create and optimize your Vulkan applications!

DirectX 12

Developing with DirectX? This page shares our DirectX blog posts, presentations, samples, and more. Let us help you create and optimize your DirectX applications!

Plus there's AMD Developer Central!