Radeon GPU Analyzer




Now available as part of the Radeon™ Developer Tool Suite.

Radeon™ GPU Analyzer is an offline compiler and performance analysis tool for DirectX®, Vulkan®, SPIR-V™, OpenGL®, and OpenCL™.

  • From v2.4, RGA is now available as part of the Radeon Developer Tool Suite, together with RGP, RMV, and RDP.
  • For the best experience, we encourage you to use the suite to ensure compatibility between the different tools.

Download the latest version - v2.5

  • Added support for gfx1032 as a target in Vulkan®, DirectX® 12, DXR, DirectX® 11, OpenCL™, and OpenGL modes.
  • OpenCL™:
    • Added support for RDNA™, RDNA™ 2, and CDNA targets, including the Radeon™ Instinct MI100.
    • Updated the Lightning Compiler package that is bundled with the tool.
    • Added support for live VGPR analysis and control-flow graph generation ( --livereg and --cfg options).
    • Note: ROCM-CL mode ( -s rocm-cl ) was replaced with an “Offline OpenCL” mode ( -s opencl ).
  • DirectX® 12:
    • Support for multi-GPU configurations where the primary display adapter is a non-AMD card. The tool will now use the driver that is associated with the first AMD display adapter on the system. 
  • Vulkan®:
    • Live VGPR analysis and control-flow graph can now be generated from LLPC disassembly.
    • Updated the SPIR-V tools that are packaged with the tool.

Inspect your ISA...

Analyze the ISA for your shader stages within a Vulkan® graphics or compute pipeline.

...compile for many products...

Select target GPUs for the compilation process. You can search for available targets by using specific GPU architecture or even retail product names, like “SSG” or “WX 8200”.

...refine your resources...

View register pressure and LDS/scratch memory usage for your target hardware.

...and correlate your code!

For OpenCL™ kernels, the tool provides correlation from high-level source code to the disassembly, and from the disassembly to the high-level source code.

Visual Studio Code Extension for Radeon™ GPU Analyzer



For all non-offline modes (DirectX®12, DirectX®11, DXR, Vulkan®, OpenGL®):

Offline modes (Vulkan® offline and OpenCL™) can run without AMD driver or hardware installed.

Supported GPUs

To run the tool, any RDNA or GCN GPU is sufficient.

RGA supports the following as targets when compiling graphics shaders and pipelines:

  • All RDNA-based architectures.
  • Select GCN-based architectures: Vega™, Graphics IP v8, Graphics IP v7, and Graphics IP v6.

Supported APIs in GUI

  • Vulkan®
  • OpenCL™

Supported APIs in command line

  • Vulkan®
  • DirectX® 11
  • DirectX® 12
  • DXR
  • OpenGL®
  • OpenCL™

Supported OSs

  • Windows® 10
  • Windows® 7 (64 bit)
  • Ubuntu 20.04

Version history

  • Support for DirectX® Raytracing (DXR) in a new mode of the command line tool ( -s dxr ):
    • Compile DXR HLSL code to generate RDNA™ 2 ISA disassembly, hardware resource usage statistics, live VGPR analysis, and control-flow graphs.
    • The new mode does not require a raytracing-enabled AMD GPU. Installing the latest Radeon™ Adrenalin Software is sufficient.
  • Improved performance in the GUI app to better handle shaders with large disassembly.
  • Updated static analysis engine with support for the latest RDNA™ 2 instructions and bug fixes.
  • (v2.4.2 only) Added support for gfx1031 (RX 6700 XT) in Vulkan®, DirectX®12, DirectX® Raytracing, DirectX®11, and OpenGL™ modes.
  • RGA is now available as part of the Radeon™ Developer Tool Suite.
  • Added support for RX6000 series in DirectX®12, DirectX®11, Vulkan®, Vulkan-Offline, OpenGL®, and OpenCL™ modes.
  • Added support for Navi12 (gfx1011) and Renoir (gfx909) as targets in DX12, DX11, Vulkan, Vulkan-offline and OpenGL modes.
  • Bug fixes and usability enhancements.
  • Added support for DX12 graphics pipelines compilation in command line tool.
  • Added support for Navi14.
  • Live register analysis and control-flow graph generation support for RDNA targets.
  • DX11 mode accepts DXBC binaries as an input.
  • Vulkan mode reports when shaders were merged.
  • Support for RDNA targets in OpenCL legacy mode.
  • Add command line support for DirectX® 12 compute shaders.
  • Support for RDNA targets in Vulkan, Vulkan offline, DX12, DX11 and OpenGL modes.
  • Adds support for Vulkan® in the GUI.
  • Shows a summary of the resources used by your shaders (VGPR, SGPR and LDS).
  • Initial release.

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