AMD USD™ Hydra™ plug-in for Blender®

Find out about our exciting new plug-in for Blender®, which uses the power of Open Standards to enable you to reference and assemble USD™, and use MaterialX.

GPUOpen at ChinaJoy 2021

A wonderful Saturday in Shanghai! Check out the first stop of AMD’s GPUOpen Tech-Sharing Salon at ChinaJoy 2021.




We aim to provide developer tools that solve your problems.

To achieve this, our tools are built around four key pillars: stability, performance, accuracy, and actionability.

AMD FidelityFX

Let’s build performance…

RDNA2 chip
Zen Performance Guide

Building something amazing on DirectX®12 or Vulkan®? How about Unreal Engine?

Obviously a top-notch developer like you wouldn’t dream of shipping without reading our performance and optimization guides.

Developing on Unreal Engine?

Our easy to integrate patches help you get more performance and fantastic new features with minimum effort.

Unreal Engine

Let’s build better

Our extensive set of SDKs put you in the driving seat.