Physically correct

Features an extensive native physically-based material and camera system to enable true design decisions with global illumination.

Balances GPU and CPU

Can simultaneously use and balance the compute capabilities of multiple GPUs and CPUs – on the same system, at the same time.

Fast and accurate

A powerful combination of cross-platform compatibility, rendering capabilities, and efficiency helps reduce the time required to deliver true-to-life images.

Go bigger!

Render at a massive scale with support for out-of-core rendering and the High Bandwidth Cache Controller (HBCC) of AMD “Vega” GPU architecture.

AI-Accelerated denoising

Harness the power of machine learning to produce high-quality final and interactive renders in a fraction of the time traditional denoising takes.

Full spectrum rendering

DirectX®12 and Vulkan® API-based Full Spectrum Rendering technology supports every stage of the rendering pipeline from rasterized to path-traced reality.

Radeon™ Rays is a high-efficiency, high-performance ray intersection acceleration library that supports a range of use cases, including interactive light baking for game development workflows and real-time indirect sound simulation.

AI-Accelerated Image Enhancement

Harness the power of machine learning to enhance images with denoising, enabling your application to produce high quality images in a fraction of the time traditional denoising filters take.

  • Uses AMD’s MIOpen machine learning library or Microsoft® DirectML for AI-accelerated denoising and upscaling.
  • Also includes standard GPU-accelerated filters for rotation, blurring, tone mapping, color changes, anti-aliasing, and edge detection (the standard filters are not AI-accelerated).
  • Supports AMD GPUs as well as those of other vendors using OpenCL™ for AI-accelerated denoising and standard GPU-accelerated filters.
  • Supports Apple® Metal® for standard GPU-accelerated filters only.
  • Works across Windows®, Linux®, and macOS® (for standard GPU-accelerated filters only).

Help! I'm not a developer!

AMD Radeon™ ProRender is our fast, easy, and incredible physically-based rendering engine built on industry standards that enables accelerated rendering on virtually any GPU, any CPU, and any OS in over a dozen leading digital content creation and CAD applications.