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AMD GPU Services (AGS) 6.1 is now available

AMD GPU Services (AGS) 6.1 is now available, adding RDNA 3 GPU support, VS2022 versions of the static libs, and a new sample showing you how to use AGS extensions from DX12.

Recently added

Introducing Compressonator v4.3

Compressonator v4.3 is out now! v4.3 features Brotli-G lossless compression, multi-texture mipmap generation, and much more.

AMD Lab Notes

AMD ROCm™ Installation (amd-lab-notes)

Installation of the AMD ROCm™ software package can be challenging. This introductory material shows how to install ROCm on a workstation with an AMD GPU card that supports the AMD GFX9 architecture.

AMD Lab Notes

Finite Difference Method – Laplacian Part 2 (amd-lab-notes)

In this post we introduce two common optimizations that can be applied to the kernel to reduce data movement and bring us closer to the new peak: loop tiling to explicitly reduce memory loads and re-order the memory access pattern to improve caching