The latest news and announcements from GPUOpen

AGS 5.4.1 now available

AGS v5.4.1 now out, which includes GetWaveSize intrinsics as well as BaseInstance and BaseVertex for indirect drawing.


Video: Gears 5 – High-Gear Visuals On Multiple Platforms

Bringing the Gears franchise to the PC is not something the Coalition takes lightly. This talk will discuss Direct3D® 12 in general, as well as features such as Async Compute, Tiled Resources, Debugging, Copy Queues, and HDR.


Introducing Radeon™ Memory Visualizer

Appreciate your allocations. Obliterate your oversubscription. And make good those memory leaks. Show your video memory some love, with Radeon™ Memory Visualizer.


Announcing Compressonator v4.0

With the latest Windows build, users can run CMP_Core encoders on any GPU that supports OpenCL™ and DirectX® Compute.