AMD FidelityFX Naming Guidelines in Game Titles

Last update: September 2020


FidelityFX is a suite of image quality-enhancing Effects developed by AMD provided on GPUOpen under the MIT license. This page provides developers with a set of guidelines on how to present options in the game’s user interface to enable/disable FidelityFX Effects.

These recommended naming guidelines do not constitute an explicit requirement. Developers integrating AMD FidelityFX Effects in their titles may therefore choose to use alternative language based on their own preferences or requirements. FidelityFX Effects that are not controlled by the game’s options screen need not be explicitly mentioned (e.g. FidelityFX SPD, Denoiser or Parallel sort would typically not require a user-selectable option). 

  • Table 1 provides examples of naming conventions catering to the above guidelines and therefore recommended by AMD.
  • Table 2 provides examples of naming conventions not recommended by AMD.

Table 1: Recommended naming guidelines for AMD FidelityFX Effects

Table 2: Not recommended naming guidelines for AMD FidelityFX Effects

FidelityFX banner in splash screen

If desired, the developer may opt to include the AMD FidelityFX banner in the game’s splash screen and/or other suitable locations (description in the game options screen, credits, “about” page etc.)

If this option is chosen, then the banner files linked on the page below and the term “AMD FidelityFX” or “FidelityFX” may be omitted from the option screen when referring to the enablement of these techniques.

  • AMD_FidelityFX_Lockup_Black_RGB.eps ” or “ AMD_FidelityFX_Lockup_Black_RGB.png
  • AMD_FidelityFX_Lockup_Reversed_RGB.eps ” or “ AMD_FidelityFX_Lockup_Reversed_RGB.png

What developers are saying

AMD FidelityFX Effects

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