What are developers saying about AMD FidelityFX?

Why use AMD FidelityFX?

Highly optimized

FidelityFX is a series of optimized shader-based features aimed at improving rendering quality and performance.

Open source. MIT license

These shaders are provided under the open source MIT license and can freely be integrated in your game or any graphics application.

Use it anywhere

FidelityFX features can be used on any graphics APIs that support either the HLSL or GLSL shading language, such as Direct3D 12, Vulkan®, or Direct3D 11.

A growing family

We’re always innovating, improving and growing our FidelityFX family. Making you have the right effects for your application.

Developers using AMD FidelityFX

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AMD FidelityFX effects

Cauldron Framework

Radeon™ Cauldron is our open source experimentation framework for DirectX®12 and Vulkan®.

Our other effects


A multithreaded CPU library for deformable material physics, using the Finite Element Method (FEM)


The DepthOfFieldFX library provides a GCN-optimized Compute Shader implementation of Depth of Field using the Fast Filter Spreading approach.


GeometryFX improves the rasterizer efficiency by culling triangles that do not contribute to the output in a pre-pass. This allows the full chip to be used to process geometry, and ensures that the rasterizer only processes triangles that are visible.


ShadowFX library provides a scalable GCN-optimized solution for deferred shadow filtering. It supports uniform and contact hardening shadow (CHS) kernels.


The TressFX library is AMD’s hair/fur rendering and simulation technology. TressFX is designed to use the GPU to simulate and render high-quality, realistic hair and fur.