AMD FidelityFX

Create wonder. No black boxes.

Why use FidelityFX?

Highly optimized

FidelityFX is a series of optimized shader-based features aimed at improving rendering quality and performance.

Open source. MIT license

These shaders are provided under the open source MIT license and can freely be integrated in your game or any graphics application.

Use it anywhere

FidelityFX features are designed to be easy to integrate, we ship HLSL and/or GLSL versions of the effects to allow you to target any API.

A growing family

We’re always innovating, improving and growing our FidelityFX family. Making sure you have the right effects for your application.

What do developers think of FidelityFX?

Planning to use FidelityFX in your game?

Meet the Cauldron Framework

Cauldron is a framework for rapid prototyping that will be used in our samples and effects. It supports DirectX®12 and Vulkan®.


The industry-leading hair simulation and rendering solution.

The TressFX library is AMD’s hair/fur rendering and simulation technology. TressFX is designed to use the GPU to simulate and render high-quality, realistic hair and fur.

GeometryFX – Make your triangles run scared!

The GeometryFX library provides convenient access to high-performance, compute-based triangle filtering (CTF), which improves triangle throughput by filtering out triangles that do not contribute to the final image using a compute based pre-process.

Note: GeometryFX was primarily designed for GCN-architecture GPUs. Developers are encouraged to measure results on RDNA and only enable GeometryFX if gains are observed.

Bring your game to life with FEMFX

FEMFX is a multithreaded CPU library for deformable material physics, using the Finite Element Method (FEM).  Solid objects are represented as a mesh of tetrahedral elements, and each element has material parameters that control stiffness, how volume changes with deformation, and stress limits where fracture or plastic (permanent) deformation occur.  

The model supports a wide range of materials and interactions between materials.  We intend for these features to complement rather than replace traditional rigid body physics.


The DepthOfFieldFX library provides a GCN-optimized Compute Shader implementation of Depth of Field using the Fast Filter Spreading approach in the 2009 paper – Fast Filter Spreading and its Applications.


The ShadowFX library provides a scalable and GCN-optimized solution for deferred shadow filtering. Currently the library supports uniform and contact hardening shadow (CHS) kernels.

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