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The FidelityFX SDK is a collection of heavily optimized, open source technologies (shader and runtime code) that can be used by developers to improve their DirectX®12 or Vulkan® applications.

The FidelityFX SDK includes:

FidelityFX SDK Technique Samples GPUOpen page Description
Combined Adaptive Compute Ambient Occlusion (CACAO) 1.3 CACAO sample FidelityFX Ambient Occlusion Uses intelligent and adaptive sampling techniques to produce excellent quality ambient occlusion at high performance.
Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) 1.1 CAS sample FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening Implements a sharpening kernel that reclaims that high-frequency detail lost during rendering.
Denoiser 1.2 n/a FidelityFX Denoiser Provides a set of denoising compute shaders which remove artifacts from reflection and shadow rendering. Useful for both raytraced or rasterized content.
Classifier 1.0 n/a n/a Provides a set of tile classification compute shaders which prepare tile metadata to drive indirect workload generation. It’s useful for guided and load-balanced ray tracing applications, letting you leverage ray tracing in an efficient manner.
Luminance Preserving Mapper 1.3 LPM sample FidelityFX HDR Mapper Offers a tone mapping and gamut mapping solution for HDR and wide gamut content.
Parallel Sort 1.2 Parallel Sort sample FidelityFX Parallel Sort Implements GPU-accelerated parallel sorting techniques. The sorts are stable useful for sorting particles or other GPU-side data sets.
Single Pass Downsampler 2.1 SPD sample FidelityFX Downsampler Allows you to downsample surfaces – and optionally generate a MIPmap chain – in a single compute dispatch.
Stochastic Screen-Space Reflections 1.4 SSSR sample FidelityFX Screen Space Reflections Provides high-fidelity screen-spaced reflections in your scene, without a hefty performance price tag.
Super Resolution (Spatial) 1.1 Super Resolution sample FidelityFX Super Resolution Offers a spatial single-frame solution for producing higher resolution frames from lower resolution inputs.
Super Resolution (Temporal) 2.2.2 Super Resolution sample FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 Offers both spatial single-frame and temporal multi-frame solutions for producing high resolution frames from lower resolution inputs.
Variable Shading 1.1 Variable Shading sample FidelityFX Variable Shading Helps you to drive Variable Rate Shading hardware introduced in RDNA2-based and contemporary GPUs, by analyzing the luminance of pixels in a tile to determine where the shading rate can be lowered to increase performance.
New: Blur 1.0 Blur sample FidelityFX Blur A library of highly optimized functions which perform common blurring operations such as Gaussian blur, radial blurs, and others.
New: Depth-of-Field 1.0 DoF sample FidelityFX Depth of Field Implements a high-quality DOF filter complete with bokeh.
New: Lens 1.0 Lens sample FidelityFX Lens Implements a library of optimized lens effects including chromatic aberration, film grain, and vignetting.
Classifier (Shadows) 1.1 Denoiser (Shadows) 1.2 Hybrid Shadows sample 1.1 FidelityFX Hybrid Shadows An implementation of an example shadowing technique which shows you how you could combine rasterized shadow maps and hardware ray tracing to deliver high quality soft shadows at a reasonable performance cost.
Classifier (Reflections) 1.1 Denoiser (Reflections) 1.2 Hybrid Reflections sample 1.1 FidelityFX Hybrid Reflections An implementation of an an example reflections technique which shows you how you could mix FidelityFX SSSR with ray traced reflections, delivering higher quality reflections than SSSR alone at reasonable performance cost.

Further information

Known issues

FidelityFX SDK Sample API / Configuration Problem Description
FidelityFX LPM Vulkan / All configurations When rapidly pressing alt-enter to go to full screen mode and back, the HDR display handle can occasionally become lost leading to a dim screen until another full screen toggle is applied again. This will be fixed in a future release.
FidelityFX Hybrid Shadows / FidelityFX FSR Vulkan / All configurations Due to resource view handling in the native Vulkan backend, the ability to change the number of cascades on a directional light in Vulkan samples has been disabled to prevent sample instability. This will be fixed in a future release.
FidelityFX DOF All APIs / All Configs Some artifacts may occur on some Intel Arc GPUs.

Open source

AMD FidelityFX SDK is open source, and available under the MIT license.

For more information on the license terms please refer to license .


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