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Radeon™ Memory Visualizer

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Radeon™ GPU Analyzer

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Discover the D3D12 Memory Allocator (D3D12MA) library

Our battle-testedopen source memory allocation libraries for DirectX®12 make allocating memory a doddle.

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Anatomy Of The Total War Engine: Part IV

Tamas Rabel talks about how Total War: Warhammer utilized asynchronous compute to extract some extra GPU performance in DirectX® 12 and delves into the process of moving some of the passes in the engine to asynchronous compute pipelines.

Anatomy Of The Total War Engine: Part I

Tamas Rabel, Lead Graphics Programmer on the Total War series provides a detailed look at the Total War renderer as well as digging deep into some of the optimizations that the team at Creative Assembly did for the brilliant, Total War: Warhammer.

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Hybrid Shadows

Hybrid Shadows Sample

This sample demonstrates how to combine ray traced shadows and rasterized shadow maps together to achieve higher quality and performance.

GLTFSample Cauldron Sample Project

This sample demonstrates how to use most of Cauldron’s features. It is also a useful reference for getting started with developing your own samples and prototypes.

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