AMD Orochi

Support both HIP and CUDA® with ease

The Orochi library loads HIP and CUDA® APIs dynamically, allowing you to switch between them at runtime. Orochi is named after a legendary Japanese dragon with eight heads and eight tails on a single body. In keeping with its namesake, Orochi enables a single library to use multiple backends at runtime.

Download the latest version - v1.00

This September 2022 release adds the following features:

  • Bitcode linking support
  • Added OrochiUtils. A wrapper for convenience
  • A workaround for 22.7.1 AMD driver regression (missing RTC)
  • Support more HIP and CUDA APIs
  • Use only from CUDA driver apis (except for RTC)
  • Proper error handling
  • Unit test
  • Bug fixes

Orochi is a library that loads HIP and CUDA driver APIs dynamically at runtime, eliminating the overhead of maintaining separate backends.




To run an application compiled with Orochi, you need to install a driver of your choice with the corresponding .dll/.so files based on the GPU(s) available. Orochi will automatically link with the corresponding shared library at runtime.

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