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GLTFSample Cauldron Sample Project

This sample demonstrates how to use most of Cauldron’s features. It is also a useful reference for getting started with developing your own samples and prototypes.

CPU Core Counts

This sample code correctly detects the physical and logical cores of today’s modern processors, along with the processor vendor and family.

Vulkan mbcnt Sample

This sample shows how to use the AMD_shader_ballot extension and mbcnt to perform a fast reduction within a wavefront.

Vulkan OoORasterization

The Vulkan™ out-of-order rasterization sample shows how to use the out-of-order rasterization extension.


This sample demonstrates how to use the explicit Crossfire™ application programming interface (API).

Sparse Textures OpenGL

This sample presents the GL_AMD_sparse_texture extension introduced by AMD FirePro W and AMD Radeon HD 7000 series.

HelloD3D12 DirectX 12 Sample

HelloD3D12 is a small, introductory Direct3D 12 sample, which shows how to set up a window and render a textured quad complete with proper uploading handling, multiple frames queued and constant buffers.

ForwardPlus11 DirectX 11 SDK Sample

This sample provides an example implementation of the Forward+ algorithm, which extends traditional forward rendering to support high numbers of dynamic lights while maintaining performance.