Compressonator V2.7 Release adds cross platform support and 3D Model compression with glTF v2.0

We are excited to announce the release of Compressonator V2.7! This version contains several new features and optimizations, including:

Cross Platform Support

Due to popular demand, Linux builds of the Compressonator SDK libs and command line application are now available in the release package. You could also build for MacOS on your own.

glTF 3D Model View and Compression

The Compressonator GUI application now supports loading of glTF v2.0 3D models and rendering through DirectX12 API. The 2D texture assets within the glTF model can be compressed and analyzed by Compressonator.

The models loaded are rendered using a preview version of a Model Viewer project which is an implementation of PBR (Physically Based Rendering) using DirectX12. The development of an enhanced version of Model Viewer is under way to also support OpenGL and Vulkan.

Project Explorer Updates for 3D Model Assets

The Project Explorer supports opening glTF v2.0 files and displays all Physically-Based Materials (Base Color, Metallic and Roughness) and Extensions (Diffuse, Specular, and Glossiness) used by the model. Users can then make additional copies of the original that contains a selection of compression options for any of materials used.

Once compressed users can view and compare the quality of the final rendered models real-time, side by side.

3D Model Difference Viewer

This new viewer uses overlaid animated sequences of both compressed and uncompressed models. This view shows how the final compressed version of the model compares to the original.

Artifacts in mesh based optimization or when other types of model based compression has been applied becomes more noticeable with this viewer.

Download and Support

Head over to the Compressonator page for more information about the tool.

You can also access the GitHub source page , release page and wiki page directly.

We want to hear from you! New feature suggestions or ideas for improvement are always welcome, please use the comments section below to leave your feedback.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we hope that you find this new release of the Compressonator tool useful in your project workflows.

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