Check for updates If checked, the Radeon Memory Visualizer will alert you that a new version is available for download.

Themes and colors

The visualizer makes heavy use of coloring to display its information. This pane allows users to thoroughly customize those colors.


Keyboard shortcuts

Here users will find the Keyboard shortcuts pane:

The Global navigation section refers to keystrokes that aid user navigation, and are always detected regardless of which pane is visible.

The Timeline controls shortcuts are specific to zooming and panning operations that can be performed within the Timeline view (see below).

The Global hotkeys section refers to any hotkeys available anywhere in the product. Currently there are hotkeys to open and close a trace file and to cycle through the different time units from any pane, rather than having to go to the settings. This allows you to view a timeline in clock cycles, milliseconds, seconds or minutes very quickly.


All users are encouraged to adopt these keystrokes while using RMV.

UI Navigation

In an effort to improve workflow, RMV supports keyboard shortcuts and back and forward history to quickly navigate throughout the UI.

Back and forward navigation

RMV tracks navigation history, which allows users to navigate back and forward between all of RMV’s panes. This is achieved using global navigation hotkeys shown above, or the back and forward buttons on all panes in the top left below the file menu.

Currently, back and forward navigation is restricted to pane switches.