Unreal Engine performance & feature patches now available

Our team of engineers has worked closely with Unreal Engine – and games built on Unreal Engine – for a long, long time. This means that we’ve learned a huge amount about how we can provide additional optimizations to Unreal Engine-based games. We’ve also integrated many different technologies and features into those games. Today, we are making the fruits of our labour easier than ever for you to integrate into your Unreal Engine code base. Of course, while we love working closely with Epic Games, we can’t guarantee that these patches will make it into the main UE4 branch.

We are delighted to make those available to you today. You can see them right here.

Performance patches

One of the big changes we’ve made is in how we’re distributing our patches. From today, we are offering a set of performance-focused patches which you can apply easily to your code base. These patches are designed to be applied to specific versions of the Unreal Engine, and target specific performance optimizations in the engine.

Performance guide

Our expert Unreal Engine developers have also put together a very detailed guide to help you learn how to optimize in your Unreal Engine code base.

We’re delighted to be able to make this guide available to you today. The guide contains an overview of how to setup your Unreal Engine code base for performance tuning work, examples of proposed optimizations, a guide on how to use AMD’s Developer Tools with Unreal Engine, and a detailed case study of how one of our performance patches was crafted.

We hope you find the guide interesting and useful! 

Feature patches

In addition to performance-focused patches, we are also providing a set of feature-focused patches. You can find them here.

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