GPU ShaderAnalyzer for GCN hardware is a tool for analyzing the performance of pixel, vertex, geometry, hull, domain and compute shaders for AMD Radeon™ Graphics Core Next GPUs. Optimize your shader code using the latest version of this tool by viewing compiler statistics, ISA and D3D ASM code, and customizing your compiler settings for the latest AMD GCN GPUs.

The new GPU ShaderAnalyzer for GCN is a powerful addition to the GPU PerfStudio suite of graphics tools and can be downloaded here: GPU PerfStudio.

The original version of GPU Shader Analyzer for pre-GCN hardware can be found here: GPU Shader Analyzer for pre-GCN.

GPU ShaderAnalyzer can be run in stand-alone mode in the GPU PerfStudio client by clicking on the GPU ShaderAnalyzer button and editing HLSL code directly in the UI. Or alternatively, GPU ShaderAnalyzer can be used while attached to a GPU PerfStudio debug session and HLSL code can be cut and pasted from a graphics application and analyzed.

GSA GCN Perf Stats MT11


GPU PerStudio version 3.2 and above include the new advanced statistics view. This view allows you to see the wave occupancy of a HLSL shader based on its usage of SIMD resources such as VGPRs, SGPRs, and LDS. The Compiler Statistics window shows statistics about your program (SGPRsUsed, MaxSGPRs, VGPRsUsed, MaxVGPRs, UsedLDS, MaxLDS, ScratchSize).

If you wish to see disassembly or ISA of the hardware shader as generated by AMD’s Shader Compiler, you may select the AMD Radeon™ graphics card you are interested in from the Settings dialog.

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