We’re delighted to announce the latest version for one of the newer members of our FidelityFX family – FidelityFX SPD 2.0! This powerful shader provides an RDNA-optimized solution for generating up to 12 MIP levels of a texture. 

FidelityFX SPD 2.0 includes:

Example Radeon GPU Profiler (RGP) traces – downsampling of a cube texture 512×512 with 6 slices:

Traditional pixel shader approach: For each of the 6 slices there are 9 passes, one for each MIP.

SPD: A single dispatch call computing all 54 MIPs of the cube texture.

    • Dispatch size x and y.
    • Thread group offsets in case only a sub-rectangle has modified data.
    • Number of thread groups.
    • Number of MIPs.

Find out more about FidelityFX SPD: