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Shadow Denoiser

AMD FidelityFX – Denoiser

AMD FidelityFX Denoiser is a set of denoising compute shaders which remove artefacts from reflection and shadow rendering.

The Importance of Audio in VR

The AMD TrueAudio Next open-source library and driver-controlled CU Reservation enables dramatically higher levels of audio rendering realism in VR.

Anatomy Of The Total War Engine: Part IV

Tamas Rabel talks about how Total War: Warhammer utilized asynchronous compute to extract some extra GPU performance in DirectX® 12 and delves into the process of moving some of the passes in the engine to asynchronous compute pipelines.

ForwardPlus11 DirectX® 11 SDK Sample

This sample provides an example implementation of the Forward+ algorithm, which extends traditional forward rendering to support high numbers of dynamic lights while maintaining performance.