The GPU Performance API (GPUPerfAPI, or GPA) is a powerful library, providing access to GPU Performance Counters. It can help analyze the performance and execution characteristics of applications using a Radeon™ GPU.  This library
is used by Radeon Compute Profiler and CodeXL as well as several third-party tools.

  • Provides a standard API for accessing GPU Performance counters for both graphics and compute workloads across multiple GPU APIs.
  • Supports Vulkan™, DirectX® 12, DirectX® 11, OpenGL™, OpenCL™, and ROCm/HSA
  • Supports all current GCN-based Radeon graphics cards and APUs.
  • Supports both Windows and Linux
  • Provides derived “public” counters based on raw HW counters
  • “Internal” version provides access to some raw hardware counters. See “Public” vs “Internal” Versions for more information.

System Requirements

  • An AMD Radeon GCN-based GPU or APU
  • Radeon Software Crimson Edition 18.2.3 or later (Driver Packaging Version 17.50.25 or later).
  • Pre-GCN-based GPUs or APUs are no longer supported by GPUPerfAPI. Please use an older version (2.17) with older hardware.
  • Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
  • Ubuntu (14.04 and later) and RHEL (7 and later) distributions

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