AMD is pleased to announce the release of the AMD Device Library eXtra Software Development Kit (ADLX SDK).  Building on the capabilities of the existing ADL SDK, ADLX will significantly improve support for our partners in the graphics ecosystem and make it easier for them to develop compelling user experiences for their customers on AMD systems [1].

ADLX was designed from the ground up with early feedback from our partner community.  The ADLX SDK can be used to develop applications that integrate with AMD systems such as driver control panels and overclocking utilities.

Some of the features of ADLX are listed below:

  • Quality is our prime directive, so we’ve adopted a design methodology that puts quality first. This means that most of the unit tests are defined before development even happens, and much of the testing can be automated (making it easier for AMD to sustain moving forward).
  • We’ve included sample code for virtually every interface, and we have included a significant amount of documentation that includes all the quick start guides and how-to articles.
  • The new SDK will feature forward and backward compatibility with AMD graphics driver versions which is designed to significantly reduce issues in the field.
  • Global Events Synchronization takes care of the situation where an end user might change a setting in one user interface, but then that change is not reflected in other applications. We’ve added the capability to subscribe to events in the library so that everything stays in sync.
  • Compatibility with modern programming languages including C, C++, Python, Java, C# (although most of the examples are in C++)

Finally, the ability to monitor and control many features of AMD devices, including (but not limited to) the following:

AMD FreeSync™ Technology Performance boosting features GPU/CPU Utilization VRAM Tuning
Color Settings Visual quality enhancement features GPU Clock Speeds Fan Tuning
Scaling Input lag reduction features GPU Power Consumption Power Tuning
Custom Resolution Power saving features GPU Temperature Auto Tuning
AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display Configuration AMD Frame Rate Target Control (FRTC) GPU Fan Speeds
Vertical Sync GPU Frame

The new ADLX graphics & display interface library along with all the SDK components is really designed to make it easier to develop differentiated applications with more functionality. It will result in a short time to market, with fewer issues in the field (and the associated support and maintenance costs).

The ADLX SDK can be found on GPUOpen at

The extensive documentation is also available here on GPUOpen:

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AMD Device Library eXtra

AMD Device Library eXtra (ADLX) SDK

ADLX is a modern library designed to access features and functionality of AMD systems such as Display, 3D graphics, Performance Monitoring, GPU Tuning, and more.

[1] ADL will continue to work for existing applications. ADLX and ADL can both be used in the same application without issue.