Today we are pleased to announce the release of our DirectStorage sample on GPUOpen. The sample, previously demonstrated during our GDC 2023 session (video, slides), demonstrates the benefits of integrating Microsoft® DirectStorage, application changes required, and provides tools for measuring the performance impact of utilizing the API in various configurations. The sample is available via source code on GitHub.

The DirectStorage API encourages applications to organize their data to extract optimal performance from modern storage devices such as NVMe™, enables the optional use of GPU decompression to amplify throughput while conserving PCIe® bus bandwidth, and reduces code maintenance by selecting and implementing the most optimal file I/O API available to Windows® 10 or Windows 11.

Our sample

The DirectStorage sample application renders a scene while asynchronously loading assets. A camera moves through a scene into bounding boxes which trigger asynchronous streaming of the assets. The assets appear once they have completed loading. Tools have been included for converting and optionally compressing textures referenced by glTF™ files into a format that may be loaded with minimal processing and optionally decompressed by the sample application at run-time. In-application profiling tools enable immediate analysis, and options exist for recording results for off-line analysis.

Head over to GitHub now to see our new DirectStorage sample.


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