Introducing Radeon™ Rays v4.1

Radeon™ Rays is our high-efficiency, high-performance ray intersection acceleration library for DirectX®12 and Vulkan®. 

We’re excited to announce that we have just released our latest version – v4.1 – which adds the following features over v4.0:

  • Radeon™ Rays v4.1 is open source! You can find the source for Radeon™ Rays v4.1 on GitHub under the MIT license.
  • New: logging mechanism for easier debugging.
  • New: set of tests to help you check you’ve not broken anything within the library when you make changes to the source code.
Radeon Rays

AMD developed Radeon™ Rays to help developers get the most out of AMD GPUs, as well as save them from maintaining hardware-dependent code. Radeon™ Rays exposes a well-defined C API for scene construction and performing asynchronous ray intersection queries. It is not limited to AMD hardware or a specific operating system. 

Radeon™ Rays can be easily distributed, and through its API helps assure compatibility and best performance across a wide range of hardware platforms.

Find out more about Radeon™ Rays here:

AMD Radeon Rays

The lightweight accelerated ray intersection library for DirectX®12 and Vulkan®.