Radeon Loom

Applications, Libraries

Radeon Loom Stitching Library (beta preview) is a highly optimized library for 360 degree video stitching applications.

This software is provided under a MIT-style license, see the file COPYRIGHT.txt for details.

Radeon Loom Features

  • Real-time live 360 degree video stitching
  • Easy to use API for fast prototyping
  • The code is highly optimized for AMD Pro Graphics
  • Supports up to 31 cameras

Refer to live_stitch_api.h for details of the API.

Build Instructions


  • CMake 2.8 or newer download.
  • CPU: SSE4.1 or above CPU, 64-bit.
  • GPU: Radeon W9100 16GB or above
    • DRIVER: AMD Radeon Crimson Edition – use the latest version
    • AMD APP SDK 3.0 download.

Build using Visual Studio Professional 2013 on 64-bit Windows 10/8.1/7

  • Use amdovx-modules\loom.sln to build for x64 platform



LoomShell is an interpreter that enables stitching 360 degree videos using a script. It provides direct access to Live Stitch API by encapsulating the calls to enable rapid prototyping.