We’ve just released FSR 2.2.1, a hotfix for FidelityFX Super Resolution 2. This small update fixes several reported issues:

  • Documentation inconsistency in the fsr2.h comments.
  • A luma internal resource was too large at creation.
  • A resource needed to be cleared on first use to resolve corruption on some platforms.
  • Potential for flashing lights to introduce corruption (fixed with a small change to the luma instability logic).

There is also an updated set of Unreal Engine plugins. Changes we’ve made to the UE plugin include:

  • Added support for Unreal Engine 5.2.
  • Added debug API checking/logging for Debug and Development builds.
  • Fixed frameTimeDelta conversion.
  • Fixed camera plane settings.
  • Fixed an issue where a resource transition prevented resource cleanup in Unreal Engine 5.1.

If you are actively running FSR 2.2, we recommend that you upgrade to FSR 2.2.1 – especially if you’re using Unreal Engine.

The updated FSR 2.2.1 source can be found on GitHub, along with our release sample here. Head over to our Unreal Engine page for the plugins.