Adam Sawicki, a member of AMD RTG’s Game Engineering team, has spent the best part of a year assisting one of the world’s biggest game studios in porting one of their AAA games to Vulkan®. That kind of experience — embedded with the game developer and working hands-on in their codebase alongside their own engineers — is always worth sharing whenever possible.

Adam has turned what he learned into a general presentation aimed at those looking to port a game engine to either Vulkan® or DirectX® 12. The presentation runs the gamut of topics you’d encounter when bringing an existing rendering system to one of those new explicit graphics APIs, from why you’d want to do it in the first place, all the way to practical matters related to optimisation and debugging using tools like Radeon GPU Profiler and RenderDoc.

Best of all? Adam recently gave the talk in person at Digital Dragons 2018, one of Europe’s biggest games industry conferences held at the end of May in Krakow, Poland. So you can download the slides for reading at your leisure, plus you can follow Adam presenting it himself via the video on YouTube embedded below!

Our big thanks to the Digital Dragons organisers for filming everything and making it freely available. If you’re about to embark on a porting mission yourself, or simply want to learn more about what’s involved and how to tackle it, find 45 mins, grab your preferred beverage, and press play.

Slides and Video

View “Porting your engine to Vulkan or DX12” on YouTube

Porting your engine to Vulkan or DX12 – 15.3MB Powerpoint