Our Unreal Engine FSR 2.2 plugin is now available to download on GPUOpen

FidelityFX Super Resolution 2

Stay in the lead on performance by integrating our latest UE FSR 2 plugin into your game today!

If you use Unreal Engine, we know how much you’ve been anticipating FSR 2.2 coming to a UE plugin near you. That wait is now at an end, as UE developers can now take advantage of the improvements that FSR 2.2 provides, particularly with ghosting.

UE FSR 2.2 plugin-specific improvements

As well as the benefits from the earlier versions of our FSR 2 UE plugins, our v2.2 plugin also:

  • Adds support for Unreal Engine 5.1.
  • Includes the general improvements from FSR 2.2 to tackle ghosting.
  • Gives improved handling of ghosting for objects with World Position Offsets – more objects with WPO should render velocity by default.
    • This improves the appearance of animated foliage – but depends on developer settings.
    • Slightly different process to improve ghosting on animated materials.

Documentation updates

We’ve also updated some of our UE plugin documentation here on GPUOpen:

  • Our Unreal Engine FSR 2 page has more details on the FSR 2.2 improvements. You can also download the plugin from this page, and find the installation and configuration instructions, along with known issues, and list of configuration parameters. 
  • Our unmissable FSR 2 Plugin Enhancements blog series, written by one of our engineers who works on the plugin, has been updated with the latest guidance for FSR 2.2. If you haven’t read this detailed guide yet, you’re really missing out on learning the best ways to optimize things to really get the most out of our FSR 2 technology.

And finally, even though it focuses on FSR 2.1, EBB Software have recently written an excellent blog for us, where they talk through their integration of the UE plugin. Learn about their experience and the positive difference FSR 2 made to Scorn, their first title. 

More FSR and engine-related content here on GPUOpen

Keep on reading with the links below – in particular, you won’t want to miss our Unreal Engine Performance Guide for more UE tips.



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