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The latest Vulkan SDK now ships with Vulkan Memory Allocator (VMA)

We’re delighted that our Vulkan® Memory Allocator library is now available to install as an optional component in the latest Vulkan SDK (, making it even easier for developers to discover how handy it is.

The Vulkan Memory Allocator (VMA) SDK provides a simple and easy to integrate API to help you allocate memory for Vulkan buffer and image storage. It’s a generic C++ library which works on any Vulkan-supporting GPU and platform, and has no external dependencies beyond the standard C/C++ library and Vulkan.

VMA is an established and well-respected library, having been integrated into the majority of Vulkan game titles on PC, and is already a part of the official Khronos® Group Vulkan samples. If you’re not already using it, or you’re already a happy user who wants to find out more about it, you can take a look at our dedicated GPUOpen VMA page here:

Vulkan® Memory Allocator

VMA is our single-header, MIT-licensed, C++ library for easily and efficiently managing memory allocation for your Vulkan® games and applications.

Want to learn more about VMA and Vulkan memory management, or even Vulkan in general? Take a look at our other GPUOpen content:


Vulkan® gives software developers control over the performance, efficiency, and capabilities of AMD Radeon™ GPUs and multi-core CPUs.

Using Vulkan® Device Memory

This post serves as a guide on how to best use the various Memory Heaps & Memory Types exposed in Vulkan on AMD drivers, starting with some high-level tips.

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